Thursday, April 12, 2012

UDK Cross Processing Post Process

Another post process shader for the UDK, again inspired by photographs, this time Cross Processing. The performance impact is roughly 10%-11% - tested on a low end GT520 gfx card.

The effect is characterized by a strong contrast, color teint, image grain and darkened edges/borders.

Material setup:


  1. Looks nice!! Any chance you'll upload the material editor setup?

  2. Sure, I've just added a material screenshot.
    The texture does hold 2 greyscale textures, one for the image grain (red channel) and another one for darkening the corners/edges.
    The color teint can be controlled by using different power exponent values for each color channel.


  3. Where you got those two texture sample ?

  4. Hi, the screenshot is pretty much outdated - I've just added a new one.
    What you need is a low res noise texture (e.g. 64x64 or 128x128) that's beeing tiled multiple times. One of those comes with the UDK stock content (EngineMaterials package). For the vignette effect I suggest to create a gradient inside the material editor (like shown on the new screenie) to avoid compression or banding artifacts.