Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Free 3D Model] Concrete Barrier

*The download link has been updated on april, 11th 2012.*

Damaged jersey concrete barrier.

The model is intended to work with the Unreal Engine 3 but it will work within other game engines as well.

Base model: 504 triangles / 342 vertices
LOD 1: 238 triangles / 185 vertices

base model / collision mesh (.ase/.fbx/.obj)
lod 1 model (.ase/.fbx/.obj)
1024² diffuse map
1024² normal map

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ui8oug4bvx70wwg (outdated link)


  1. Hey great work man.
    Stone looks nicely done with those holes and cut off edge(s)

    Keep it up :)

    Grtz, Dark

  2. Thx man. I'll update the download link these days by adding a less damaged and non damaged version to the package. Just in case the bullet holes won't fit the theme.

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