Monday, December 12, 2011

Tileable Maps (Stone #2)

The second tileable map package contains 6 normal, height and ambient occlusion maps as well as blend masks. Again the idea is to use those maps to create materials by using basic diffuse textures which you will usually find alot of in UE3's sample content. Contrary to the first package I changed the texture setup this time. Whilst all normal maps are stored in one 24bit .tga, ambient occlusion & height maps and blend masks are stored in just one 24bit .tga file using the red, green and blue channel separately.

4x floor tiles
1x cobble stone

1x bricks / cobble stone
(available as 1024² and 512² textures)


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[WIP] stone models

I just made some more stone models following the tutorial/workflow of sascha henrichs:

All models have an approximate triangles count of 300-400.

The screenshot shows a UDK scene with dynamic lighting and normal maps applied.

Monday, November 7, 2011

3 Fern Models & UE3 Materials (UDK/UT3)



3 fern models
- 153/150/84 tris
- 2 UV layouts
- supporting vertex colors
- available as .fbx and .ase files

- 1024x512px maps (diffuse, alpha, normal)
- 24 bit .tga files
- all models and leaves using a single texture

UE3 packages
- UDK .upk (engine build 9029)
- UT3 .upk (engine build 3809)
- vertex color material
- material instances with 8 parameters
- 3 exemplary material setups


Fern models (WIP)

I just made some simple fern models. All in all nothing special but a new experience for myself.
I might make some more models and offer them as a free download.

tri count: ~ 150
vertex count: ~ 135
textures: 1024x512 maps (diffuse, opacity, normal?)
modeled in blender

to do:
make use of vertex colors for adding material variations

blank models


UDK screenshot

best regards & cheers


Monday, October 31, 2011

UT3 Parallax Occlusion Mapping Material

 *The download link has been updated on march 13th 2012*

This material is based on Epics example POM material. I made several adjustments to lower the instruction count on the one hand, but also increased the number of samples/layers from 10 to 12.

POM material
material instance with 16 parameters
example textures (diffuse, normal, height, diffuse detail, normal detail)

Please Note
Due to the material complexity and limitations of the UT3 editor it does take quite some time to open the material (instance) editor or to make changes to the material. All instance parameters can be changed on the fly except for the static switch parameters (use detailnormal, use detaildiffuse, use specular).