Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Unreal Engine 4] Post Processing

Post processing in UE4 is probably going to be very interesting. I haven't done any serious testing for now but having access the whole G-Buffer offers a wide range of opportunities.

Here's a quick example of a fairly simply edge detect / outline shader, no sobel kernel.

Depth Only

Normals Only

Depth + Normals combined


  1. Hey, can you give me the file for Depth and Normals combined? I would be extremely grateful.

  2. This looks really cool! And it's much cleaner than the Sobel edge filter (I assume less complex as well). Mind if I ask for how you made such a shader in post process?

  3. I too am very interested in how you achieved this effect!

  4. Hey Oliver, could you give som extra information about this process? All the examples I've seen so far uses sobel kernel. How do you access the g-buffer? Which functions? What is the information they get you?