Sunday, October 13, 2013

[WIP] Parallax Corrected Cubmaps in UDK/UE3

A first approach on using parallax corrected Cubemaps in UDK/UE3, more to follow.

Cubemap with default reflection vector

Parallax corrected Cubemap



Material Setup


  1. The only problem is the manual positioning, but its a good alternative if you have a lot of reflections and dont want them to be real time, yet still look good. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hello, forgive my lack of knowledge (and my English), but I can not build this stuff, because I do not know how to get the following "return max (x, y).
    Could you help me?

    Olá, perdoe minha falta de conhecimento, (e meu ingles), mas não estou conseguindo montar esse material, pois não sei como obter o seguinte "return max(x,y).
    Poderia me ajudar?

    1. Hi, these are custom HLSL nodes:
      "return max(x,y);" and "return min(min(x,y,z));"is the actual line of code.

    2. It'm completely lost
      Would greatly appreciate if you can send me the code or. Apk ready.
      Would be willing to reward you for that help indescribable.

      É estou completamente perdido
      Agradeceria muito, se possível tu me enviasse esse código ou .apk pronto.
      Estaria disposto a recompensa-lo por essa indiscritível ajuda.

  3. Nice work! Is that a custom reflect expression you are using? How does that one work exactly?

    1. Yes that's right, I'm using this one to get the reflection vector in world space.
      The code is "return reflect(x,y)" but you could also calculate it manually this way: L-2*n*dot(L•N)