Sunday, January 12, 2014

[Blender/UDK] Low Poly Rock Formations

Highpoly sculpted in Blender
Lowpoly manually retopologized
Normal + AO map baked in xNormal using a Cage
Triangle count: ~800-900




  1. Hey Oliver, you have a great blog I hope you will continue posting here.
    Thanks for publishing UDK material nodes,they're really valuable.

    Quick question: do you have any recommendations/resources about UDK shaders/materials creation ? I'm just getting into it and the tutorials I found so far are really scarce.


    1. Hi Thomas, that's one tough question.
      For the beggining I'd suggest what most people do: Read trough the UDN materials compendium to get an idea of what each node does and what you can achieve with these nodes. Look at material setup examples at the UDN, internet, UDK sample content and try to follow/understand these step by step, starting with simple ones nad then increase complexity.
      After a while you'll get used to the majority of nodes and this is where you should create your own setups from scratch. Think of something simple but also new to you and build this without looking up references, e.g. a simple post process effect, a manual texture panning, a flickering emissive channel...

      Personally I think it's important to always know the dimensions of your nodes (is it a scalar, or a vector with 2,3,4 elements / what's the numerical range?), also keep in mind that the node order is always important. Some mathematical background is also valuable (e.g. what's a dot product and what's the range of its result?).

      In addidtion it's a good idea to not solely stick with UDK resources. Look for some general informations about shaders/HLSL/other engines and try translate this new knowledge to the UDK / material editor.

    2. Thanks Oliver,
      following your advice I dug through the UDN mat compendium. Also followed info from Hourences, Chris Albeluhn and Chris Holden.

  2. hi Oliver,
    thanks for your rock model on blendswap.when doing retopo how do you get the edges (which define the form) to match with high poly sculpt?maybe you will consider doing a tutorial for rock modelling!