Saturday, June 8, 2013

UDK Low-Res / Low-Color-Depth Post Process

After my latest toying with UDK I ended up with a post process that simulates low resolution and color depth.
The material allows to define a downsample factor as well as the amount of colors per R,G,B channel. In addition there is a conversion similar to sRGB<->RGB which makes it possible to affect light and dark areas equally by the loss of color.

Note how these screens are at 1600x900px, though the effective resolution is just 1/4 or 1/8 of that.



  1. Hey just found your blog the other day, and your post process work is really cool.

    I'm going through your Cross Processing effect atm to learn what I can, but would you be willing to share the material setup for this as well? I saw a similar effect done in done in Saints Row 4, and would love to toy around with the effect :)

  2. Hi, I just added a material shot to the post. Have you got any pics of that effect in Saints Wow?

    1. I figured it was really similar to this, as you could go into it (the mission/level) with any combination of clothing/customizations and they would show up low res. Either they used an effect similar to yours, or they seriously made sprites for ALL customization options lol. So I'm inclined to believe they did something similar to what you did above.

      Here's a video of it in action: