Monday, May 14, 2012

[Risen 2] LoD Distance Mod

This mod does increase the LoD distances of all objects and prefabs (=grouping of single objects) in the game. Except speedtrees that are already covered by Baltrams AntiWarp Mod.

I tried to find suitable LoD values to keep the performance impact quite low. This means that I didn't just crank up the distances as much as possible. Besides I took the size (small/mid/big) and occurrence (outdor/interior) of all objects into account.
According to my testings the FPS loss is less than 5%.


Packed Version
Use this one with the latest patch.

Download the .zip and extract the file templates.p01 into the common folder of your Risen 2 installation.
This is by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\risen 2\data\common

Unpacked version
Use this one if your game is not (yet) patched.

Download the .zip file and extract all including files to the following directory:
%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Risen2\Config\ , f.e. C:\User\MyName\AppData\Local\Risen2\Config\ (Windows Vista/7)
C:\Documents and Settings\*User Name*\Local Settings\Application Data\Risen2 (Windows XP)


 Performance stats

Puerto Isabella, 45sec. run Average Minimum Maximum
no mods, ini tuning 40.7 32 56.7
LoD Distance Mod 40.1 (-1.6%) 32 55.3
Average FPS of 3 runs

Antigua, 45sec. run Average Minimum Maximum
no mods, ini tuning 44.7 31 61.7
LoD Distance Mod 43.4 (-3%) 30.3 60
Average FPS of 3 runs

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